Thursday, March 29, 2012

I read a great article today defending my beloved Twilight.

Question of the day: Why *isn't* Twilight's Bella Swan a feminist creation?

This article says the exact thing I think and can't explain because of fear of being attacked when people say the character of Bella Swan-Cullen has "set feminism back 50 years".

A comment on this post actually stood out to me too.
Commenter Cece stated-
"It’s interesting that female characters that are labeled as Feminist (or Badass) are those that have taken on very traditional masculine archetype (Buffy, Lisbeth, Katniss).
Twilight and Bella cause discomfort because it hits closer to home than many would like to admit. "


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

So... yeah...

About a month ago, I was laid off from my day job. This is of course always a blessing and curse when it happens.
A blessing because, I wasn't 100% happy at the job but it of course paid the bills. So I've been feeling quite creative lately.

I've created my own beads that I will be using in some new pieces for Empty Heart Creations.

I have been working on mixing some songs for my (our) new music project Friends of Ours. We hope to have something out in the online music world by summer. Hopefully.

I am also writing a story/book/novel/short story. Not sure how long or short it is going to be but I think it will be enjoyable for some people to read just as it is enjoyable for me to write (so far).

This brings me to a thought that came across the crowded plane that is my brain.

I was thinking about the concept of the resume and cover letter. My theory or thoughts on them is as follows:
How can you summarize yourself within a few pages? How can you list the things that you COULD be capable of if you were only given the chance or freedom or money or education or ENCOURAGEMENT?

A piece of paper could never define me. There are still many things that I am going to be. Sometimes the universe shows you these things and sometimes you have to go actively looking for them.

A resume or résumé (if you want to be goddamn fancy pants about it) is only a fraction of myself that I show to people. It is, of course, facts but facts always have a history behind them.

If you want to know about me, ask me questions. Because assumptions made about me, whether you read them on my resume or heard them from someone else or judged them based on my looks or something comparatively limited, are usually wrong or only a fraction of the truth.