Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thursday Afternoon Songs: Magazine Mirror

Thursday Afternoon Songs: Magazine Mirror

What I do just ain't your scene,
I don't live in a magazine.
And, you're stupid and you're mean,
Cuz' I don't live in a magazine

He'll never
Like me
For what I am

He's stupid
He's shallow
And, he's bland

I won't be
For a fool

Please don't
include me
With you

I am not a normal girl
I don't belong in this world
Through the clouds I see the sun
Scarring the face of everyone

He'll never
Like me
For what I am

He's stupid
He's shallow
And, he's bland

I won't be
For a fool

Please don't
include me
With you

I'll never be a beauty queen
So, go on and be mean
It just ain't my scene
It ain't my scene

Go on and measure me
I'll never be petite,
But pure hearts can see
Just how to love someone like me.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

My Short Story: A Sense of Normal

My short story: A Sense of Normal is being featured on an online Halloween event on Facebook.

If you can, check it out.

Some other spooky tales, short films, and music is going to be featured too.

Happy Halloween!

-The LMB

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thursday Afternoon Songs: Pretty Please with a bonus for my birthday...

Sixth Installment of Thursday Afternoon Songs: Pretty Please

Pretty Please

Sometimes I just hate the world and all of its ways
We built it up, this wicked kingdom
No remorse and no love

Burn it down
For me
To the ground
Pretty Please

Lying, cheating, murdering
Just what have we become?
I don't care if the sky falls down on me
I don't care at all.

Burn it down
For Me
To the ground
Pretty Please.

And bonus, because it is my birthday and I'm feeling generous.
A YouTube video of my old band playing the song live in our rehearsal room a few years ago.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Five Things Wrong With Social Media

30 Day Writing Challenge Day #1 – Five Things Wrong With Social Media
So, I’m embarking on this 30 day writing challenge with one post a week.

The first topic is: Five Things Wrong with Social Media

Okay, so where to start… I would say that the first thing that comes to mind when I think of this question is:         

1.   It reduces our ability as humans to actually talk to each other.

     I unfortunately was able to be more social through the advent of social media because I was ALWAYS the type of person that got their ideas, feelings, and thoughts out better through writing than I ever did by simply talking to someone. My social anxiety still kicks me in the ass when I try to speak to someone new in person, but through social media…I’m the calmest, least anxiety ridden version of me to the same person. That being said, I do think there is something irreplaceable and so fulfilling about a face-to-face conversation. Sometimes social media can seem fake or not like real life and when you are actually speaking to someone face-to-face, lying and manipulating are not always as easy as they are online. Not to say that real life bullshit artists aren’t still around, it’s just that social media has made them so much braver and seemingly abundant.

2.     What you put up on social media is there forever.

     Every comment, every stupid selfie, every relationship status, etc. is up there forever. Even if you delete it. It opens up an individual to criticism and scrutiny. It is also human to change and sometimes social media does not allow this. This is a bad thing because people do and should change. Change is good. Social media sometimes makes us feel like  we’re not entitled to change our lives because of the idea of self we have created for ourselves online. Also, god forbid you ever get drunk and take a picture of yourself drunk or some other “frowned upon” activity. Employers and other authority figures can use that against you. Your opinions, which are your right to have, become “facts” and tidbits ABOUT you not just something YOU SAID.  Which brings us to…

 3.   It gives racist, sexist, ageist, homophobic, and general assholelic (yes, I made that word up) people a platform to spew hate.

     If I had a dollar for every asshole comment on the internet I would be a damn millionaire. The worst aspect of this is that one asshole finds another asshole and on and on until there is an online community of them. One really does not even have to leave the Facebook website to see many examples of this. The fact that online bullying has spearheaded international and national legislation is proof that it has gone too far.

4.    It has created and spread the stupidest campaigns and trends ever.

     Is the dress gold and white or blue and black? Which promoted pointless arguing amongst friends. The collarbone challenge that promoted body dysmorphia. The fact that exists is proof that so much non-truth is spread through social media.

5.    “If there are no pictures of this thing that you said that happened on social media, I do not believe it actually happened”

     This is something that bothers me a lot. Especially at events, namely concerts. Listen, I go to a concert to hear a band, rock out, and, if the concert is really good, possibly have a transcendent experience. I did not pay my $25 or whatever to snap 10,000 pictures or video of the musicians playing, so I can PROVE to my friends that I am there. I would honestly rather my friends come with me and enjoy the concert too with their own senses.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thursday Afternoon Songs: Triumph to Be Alive

Fifth Installment of Thursday Afternoon Songs: Triumph to Be Alive

Triumph to Be Alive

I don't need you to say
It’s all gonna be ok
Cuz from you it just don't mean a thing
From you it just don't mean a thing

The night comes and I’m afraid
I won't live to see the day
My friend finds it hard to survive
A triumph to be alive

It’s in one ear and out the other
But it's in one ear and out the other

Lacking in confidence
And making no fucking sense
But I’m trying harder than you
To chase away the blue

But it’s in one ear and out the other 
Yeah it's in one ear and out the other

One day it'll be gone
Never say you can't go on

A triumph, to be alive.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

30-Day Writing Challenge

I don't believe in #NaNoWriMo.
Because I would be forcing creativity way too heavily. But...
I vow to use each of these suggestions to write a blog post in the coming months. Not one a day like a challenge. But, one a week is definitely a worthwhile goal! I'll start this weekend!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thursday Afternoon Songs: Always

Fourth Installment of Thursday Afternoon Songs


What a day I had today
More than one drink could make it go away
But I don't think so I said
I just can't get you out of my head

What did you think we would do?
Everyone waited for you

It’s a hard road I know
And the journey's so slow
But the people along the way
Either fail or make you safe

The hardest thing to do
Is sit here waiting for the truth.

And when you're gone
Remember me strong
And where you go
Remember my love

Just what did you think we would do?
Everyone waited for you.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thursday Afternoon Songs: Epiphany

Third Installment of Thursday Afternoon Songs


It rains on us all
The tongues are knives
And all you saw
You were paralyzed

But now in spite of everything
The pawn has now become the queen
Trees stand when once they leaned
The pawn has now become the queen

Hearts, lungs, and arms
Lie broken on the floor
And you swear to god
This won’t happen anymore
But when it does you’ll be prepared

And now in spite of everything
The pawn has now become the queen
Trees stand when once they leaned
The pawn has now become the queen
But now in spite of everything
The pawn has now become the queen
Trees stand when once they leaned

The pawn has now become the queen

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thursday Afternoon Songs: Bleed Red

Second Installment of Thursday Afternoon Songs

Bleed Red

There’s a message in the heartache.
There’s a message in the pieces.
Gotta’ man up fight your demon.
And break away from all that scheming.

All the wouldn’t and the couldn’t.
All excuses don’t you know that?
All the grudges and the fighting,
Makes peace more elusive.

Our precious hearts, we’re not in need of anymore
Well, I’d rather be dead.
These aching arms, left empty by lovers
Well, we all bleed red.

I don’t want to be afraid now.
I don’t want to wash away now.
You’re in trouble if you’re thinking
You can survive on all that hate


All the drugs won’t make your heart grow
All the faith won’t help you to let go.

Our precious hearts, we’re not in need of anymore
Well, I’d rather be dead
These aching arms, left empty by lovers
Well, we all bleed red


You can’t take, the world and all its upsets


I swear it’s really beautiful.

To give in, to drastic measures
When we all bleed red.

What will you say at the end?
When all the flowers are dead?

When all the tears start to flow
You look


See no one you know.

When I live and you just breathe


I’ll live and you’ll just breathe.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thursday Afternoon Songs: Fairytale

I am going to start posting bits of my writing here for the internet to look at. I will start with some of the lyrics I have written.

I'll call it: Thursday Afternoon Songs


Fairytale endings, are what dreams are made of
Well, prince charming is dead.
And your ships never gonna come in, you're fooling yourself you know it.
With all of this in your head.

But I gotta believe in something
Cuz' you believe in nothing

You tell me I’m crazy
Well yeah maybe I am
I see the city behind the smog
Hope and feeling, love and meaning, aren’t pleasures empty
No matter what you say.

But I gotta believe in something
Cuz' you believe in nothing

When the world is falling down will you say you believe?
In the end,
The end,
Of the world.

But I gotta believe in something
Cuz' you believe in nothing

Monday, September 21, 2015

I'm taking a break from schoolwork to ambiguously rant a little...

So, the semester has started and I am sort of in a busy funk. Thinking way too much, but writing some interesting prose, poems, and what I like to call the bits-and-pieces of my unreleased and unfinished (yet!) series.

I feel simultaneously like I am not living up to my own potential and doing better than others who have chosen the same path.

I think the difference that separates these two variables is this:

The aspect of whether or not I care either way.

I am pursuing something that will make me relatively happy and it is a worthwhile goal, but there is that overwhelming sense of people not understanding why I am choosing to do this at this point in my life and the opposing crowd who says: "Why did you wait so long?"

I consider myself not indecisive, but a person who thinks about things for WAY longer than they should AND a person who has just enough confidence to START but not always enough to finish.

I think it is about time that I actually finish something. For me. If it inadvertently makes someone I love happy and "proud" of me then that is pretty superb, but not really necessary or even deserved.

Ugh. So, what is the point you say?

The point is: I care about what I think of what I have done. I do not care if anyone approves. Although, when someone does approve it makes the journey, struggle, and hard work a little bit more pleasant and less arduous.

I do because I can. And, because if I do not, no one else will.

And if they do, it would not be the same as if I do it.

-The LMB

PS. If you can understand this or if ANY of it resonates with your soul, heart, and/or brain. You are invited to have a drink with me. I'll take a Southern Comfort on the rocks with Rose's Lime Juice, what will you be having?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I've decided to get rid of my website

I have decided to make my domain name,, point to this blog and this blog only.

I guess I will post up on this blog some of the things that were on my website that you can no longer see.

Since I want to make my web presence more about my writing, I figure having a blog at the forefront of it is a smart decision. Plus, it's a less expensive one and money is not something that has been abundant in my life for the past few years.

So, stay tuned for me posting some new/old stuff.

Also, I am trying a new thing out... called Medium. Here's my page on it.

I will post there and post on other's writings.

Should be fun.

-The LMB

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Spring Break

Spring Break.

Never in my college years (the first ones and the current ones) have I ever gone away for Spring Break.

Do people actually do that or is it just a bunch of BS that MTV tries to t(s)ell us?

Not like it feels anything like spring here in the Northeast.

Sometimes I feel like Jack Torrence.

Friday, January 16, 2015

I have no need to follow suit.

I see all these health conscious and exercise savvy people on my News Feed on Facebook and I really have to commend them all.
I don't have the discipline for any of that shit, even if I did, I don't know if I'd be as enthusiastic as they all are about it.
Again, no disrespect and I commend, love, and respect all my friends on social media but it in no way influences my motivation to do the same.

I guess it should, but... it doesn't.

My philosophy on these sorts of things is this:

Life is too damn short to deprive myself of anything. I am going to drink that wine and eat that fattening food. I'm not going to make either of those things an addiction because then to me it crosses over into harmful territory. To me, those things are not harmful in and of themselves.

I feel that if you let anything take over your thinking process completely, where you become obsessed over it and it affects your everyday life and makes you unhappy or extremely unhealthy, that is a problem that should be stopped.

Draw a line for yourself but do not obsess over that line.

You could not wake up tomorrow.

Monday, January 12, 2015

That weird fear you get when you call out of work...

I stayed home from work today because I could not sleep last night. I was up until like 2am tossing and turning and then woke up every half hour after that.

Since I wake up at 5:15am when I go to work, I sent an email to work that early.
I figured the only way I could fall back asleep is to take NyQuil. I don't like doing that but the headache I had was formative. I needed some Zs! I finally got some morning sleep.

The thing that gets me is, even though I had a perfectly legitimate reason for staying home. This guilt lingers. I guess it is properly called fear.

I think I will blame it on being raised in an old school work ethic that you go to work even if you are borderline dying. And, this widespread belief that calling out puts your job in jeopardy.

I don't want to jinx my job because I love it but it had to be said. If I would have showed up at work today I would have been useless. All yawny and foggy headed.

Sometimes it is better to stay home when you are feeling off, sick, tired, or otherwise not at at least 95%.

Because let's be honest: No one is 100%, 100% of the time.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Ugh Snow.

Since I have become a homeowner I have lost all my love for snow.

I used to love looking at it all pretty piling up on the cars and sidewalks... this was before I had to clean off my own car and shovel the snow off of my sidewalks.

The only thing snow is good for is that my dog pretty much loves it. She gets SOOOOO excited when she sees it piling up in the backyard. She plays in it and gets it all on her fur. Seeing her happy makes me not hate snow so much.

I don't really mind driving in it but I would much rather stay home. Thankfully, the job I currently have and my school that I go to both have snow days pretty often. I'm glad that I will be going into a career that doesn't make me go out into the bad weather to potentially kill myself. Yet another reinforcing prospect of my choice.

That makes me happy but snow...yeeeeeck.


Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Website Design and other stuff.

So... I realized that I had not posted on this blog for almost a year, but I have been extremely busy.
Most of the summer I spent writing and re-writing and editing and thinking about and worrying about my novel An Absorber In the Megacosm: The Naturenetics Book One. 

Although the final edit is not completed yet (I've still got a few more chapters to go) I've made a good deal of progress. I've also had a lot of other events in my life outside of writing and creating.

I got a job as a Language Arts tutor at a local high school and I really enjoy it. It's really close to my college so the parking and commute is rather easy. I also completed my Junior Practicum and realized I will probably like teaching.

As for everything else, it is all pretty happy. I really don't have any complaints other than day to day stupidity of people driving and such. Nothing really else to report.

For now, I ask you to check out my new revamped website.

Come back here if you want for commenting on it.

Until next time...