Saturday, September 29, 2012

Title of My Work in Progress Novel

I have been working on a novel for a few months now. Actually for a good part of a year.

The title of this WIP (That's the proper "net" term for it right writers?) is:

The Naturenetics: An Absorber in the Megacosm

Stay tuned for more details and interesting things relating to the novel. 

I am trying to use this blog for more than everyday world ranting. Although, there will still be that I'm sure. 

I am trying out a new app for blogging.

I am trying out a new iPad app for blogging. 

It is supposed to make formatting easier and adding links, videos, and images a snap so I figured I would try it. 

Still trying it out so if something looks wonky let me know. 

So...I actually went to church this week.

I must confess, I am a non-practicing Catholic. 
I do not go to regular Sunday mass and I haven't for almost over 20 years now.

I don't look down on people who do regularly go to church or believe that actually going into that building makes them a good person. It only makes them a follower of a doctrine and tradition. 

I've known PLENTY of church going people who were close-minded, prejudiced, sexist, racist, judgmental, and just plain old fashioned mean.

But back to the story at hand, I actually did go to a repast mass for one of my boyfriend's relatives. It really was a nice sentiment to gather together in the memory of a lost loved one and most of the readings and things that were said (in readings, the homily, etc.) were all positive.

I was sitting (kneeling, standing) there thinking that it was kind of nice to be in the presence of something like this, positive and reinforcing...

Until a line in one of the readings caught my attention and almost made me angry.

The line was in a chorus response of "Lord Hear Our Prayer" went something like this:

"For the sanctity of marriage and the protection of human life at all stages, we pray to the Lord..."

Now anyone who can read between the lines and was ACTUALLY listening to that statement would see that the meaning of it was: "No gay marriage and no abortions". 

My boyfriend actually looked and laughed silently at me at that moment because I'm sure my face after hearing that statement was priceless. I am always complaining to him about the hypocrisy of Catholicism, I guess he just got a blatant example for once. 

Where most people get it wrong is where I say I believe in God but not in religion.
Religion was made up by humans (men) to keep the order and control over other humans.

God simply is everywhere and in everything. I don't need a building or a book to connect me to God. But then again, I don't judge the people who do. I just don't understand it, like they don't understand how I don't go to church or subscribe to all the dogma. 

A non-belief in religion does not make me an atheist. I wish people would stop claiming or treating me like I'm godless.

I guess we are afraid of what we cannot understand.

Well, some of us anyway.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back to writing...

I may or may not have mentioned that I was laid off from my day job back in February. During this time, I have really began to fall back in love with writing. I was a writer in my teenage years and early twenties and I have written songs pretty consistently since I was 14. So, coming back into it full force seemed like a natural cycle in my life. I have befriended some writers online and have joined some fan pages and groups online that support writers and help them promote their work. Sounds all good and dandy but sometimes I get confused and discouraged at the sheer vastness of it all. I'm not sure what to "promote" on the promoting sites because I do not have any officially published works. I feel like a total amateur when I look at most of these groups. The ones that offer critique scare me even more. I'm not the most confident person to begin with and I feel that maybe trying to get some critique on my writing at this point may be counter-productive. If anyone is reading this blog, can you please offer some suggestions for a recently reemerging writer such as myself? Links, books, and other forms of reference would be much appreciated as would straight up candid advice. ~L.