Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The First 15 days of the Good 2013

I am trying an experiment this year.

I am trying to write/jot down/record at least ONE thing that had brought me some sort of happiness during the day, everyday for this year. I have finished the first 15 days.

But for now, this is the first 15 days of 2013, on a positive note.

Here goes:

Jan 1 - cooked roast beef with John and gave some to Trixie she was kinda like a crack addict about it. She loved it!
Jan 2 - laughed like hell at a Milk Dud squished on John's pajama pants that apparently he had sat on.
Jan 3 - looked at Twilight stuff on Etsy and bought the Avengers movie on Blu-ray.
Jan 4 - had one of my favorite foods: sushi and packaged up an Etsy order for someone in the Bronx. 
Jan 5 -  took Trixie to the dog park, sketched a few more pieces of jewelry,  had a good dinner with John's parents, watched Breaking Dawn Part 2 again and this other movie called Gone. Got a bit tipsy.
Jan 6 - slept in. Did some laughing at Mob Wives one of the few reality shows I actually enjoy.
Jan 7*- I realized that my parents still have my back after all these years. Today was a hard one to find something good to talk about. I had to quit my job because it was making me sick. I had kept it inside way too long. But a positive note of that is: I stood up for myself and my feelings and that is a big step for me.
Jan 8 - had a great talk with an old friend that made me laugh and feel better. I also realized that just because someone isn't vocal about their feelings doesn't mean that they do not care. I also realized how romantic I am. I actually quoted Edward Cullen to my boyfriend and 100% meant it. (I think sometimes I belong in the Victorian era, I can be sappy and corny sometimes. I just call it being passionate about what and who you love.)
Jan 9 - Had a pleasant chat with the checkout guy at the Shoprite. Proof that you don't need to have a job that makes a billion dollars to be a pleasant, intelligent, and mindful person.
Jan 10- Accomplished something I should have done over 15 years ago. Got my driver's permit!
Jan 11 - Spent my Christmas present gift card in ACMoore. I was like a kid in a candy store! I got so many useful and fun things!
Jan 12 - started listing my new items on Etsy. I feel so accomplished after I list an item.
Jan 13 - Took Trixie to the dog park and met a dog who was crazy about playing fetch. She kept coming up to John and I "asking" us to throw the ball by barking in a friendly way at us.
Jan 14 - Spent most of the day at my parents house. Realized how alike my father and I are. And that's a good thing.
Jan 15 - I cleaned most of the house and realized how much I really like Fleetwood Mac. I listened to 2 if their albums on vinyl.

*I am going to go more into this in a future blog post. I want to keep it light and airy with this post. And that story, is most certainly not light and airy.

The next list of good things in 2013 will be up here around Jan 31st.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

So it's a new year...

I know almost every person I know makes New Year's resolutions. I had never felt compelled to make any until I found myself struggling to maintain everyday happiness as I did at the latter part of 2012.

It was not that I was unhappy because of a particular reason, although, I think that one thing definitely triggered it (that "thing" might be discussed later when I feel more comfortable about it) and then the thoughts, emotions, insecurities, and overall sadness took me to a place that was not where I wanted to be.

I have to say that now, I am at peace with that said thing. But it will still never bring me happiness, I have just decided that it will no longer make me unhappy.

That being said... albiet quite cryptically... I am going to do one thing per day that makes me happy. Only me.

It can be something as small as reading a fellow writer's newly completed chapter, creating something new, or something like having a great day out with my boyfriend.

I think that this is a great way for me to maintain happiness in my life.

And happiness in life is very important.

Don't you think?