Friday, January 9, 2015

Ugh Snow.

Since I have become a homeowner I have lost all my love for snow.

I used to love looking at it all pretty piling up on the cars and sidewalks... this was before I had to clean off my own car and shovel the snow off of my sidewalks.

The only thing snow is good for is that my dog pretty much loves it. She gets SOOOOO excited when she sees it piling up in the backyard. She plays in it and gets it all on her fur. Seeing her happy makes me not hate snow so much.

I don't really mind driving in it but I would much rather stay home. Thankfully, the job I currently have and my school that I go to both have snow days pretty often. I'm glad that I will be going into a career that doesn't make me go out into the bad weather to potentially kill myself. Yet another reinforcing prospect of my choice.

That makes me happy but snow...yeeeeeck.


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