Saturday, October 24, 2015

Five Things Wrong With Social Media

30 Day Writing Challenge Day #1 – Five Things Wrong With Social Media
So, I’m embarking on this 30 day writing challenge with one post a week.

The first topic is: Five Things Wrong with Social Media

Okay, so where to start… I would say that the first thing that comes to mind when I think of this question is:         

1.   It reduces our ability as humans to actually talk to each other.

     I unfortunately was able to be more social through the advent of social media because I was ALWAYS the type of person that got their ideas, feelings, and thoughts out better through writing than I ever did by simply talking to someone. My social anxiety still kicks me in the ass when I try to speak to someone new in person, but through social media…I’m the calmest, least anxiety ridden version of me to the same person. That being said, I do think there is something irreplaceable and so fulfilling about a face-to-face conversation. Sometimes social media can seem fake or not like real life and when you are actually speaking to someone face-to-face, lying and manipulating are not always as easy as they are online. Not to say that real life bullshit artists aren’t still around, it’s just that social media has made them so much braver and seemingly abundant.

2.     What you put up on social media is there forever.

     Every comment, every stupid selfie, every relationship status, etc. is up there forever. Even if you delete it. It opens up an individual to criticism and scrutiny. It is also human to change and sometimes social media does not allow this. This is a bad thing because people do and should change. Change is good. Social media sometimes makes us feel like  we’re not entitled to change our lives because of the idea of self we have created for ourselves online. Also, god forbid you ever get drunk and take a picture of yourself drunk or some other “frowned upon” activity. Employers and other authority figures can use that against you. Your opinions, which are your right to have, become “facts” and tidbits ABOUT you not just something YOU SAID.  Which brings us to…

 3.   It gives racist, sexist, ageist, homophobic, and general assholelic (yes, I made that word up) people a platform to spew hate.

     If I had a dollar for every asshole comment on the internet I would be a damn millionaire. The worst aspect of this is that one asshole finds another asshole and on and on until there is an online community of them. One really does not even have to leave the Facebook website to see many examples of this. The fact that online bullying has spearheaded international and national legislation is proof that it has gone too far.

4.    It has created and spread the stupidest campaigns and trends ever.

     Is the dress gold and white or blue and black? Which promoted pointless arguing amongst friends. The collarbone challenge that promoted body dysmorphia. The fact that exists is proof that so much non-truth is spread through social media.

5.    “If there are no pictures of this thing that you said that happened on social media, I do not believe it actually happened”

     This is something that bothers me a lot. Especially at events, namely concerts. Listen, I go to a concert to hear a band, rock out, and, if the concert is really good, possibly have a transcendent experience. I did not pay my $25 or whatever to snap 10,000 pictures or video of the musicians playing, so I can PROVE to my friends that I am there. I would honestly rather my friends come with me and enjoy the concert too with their own senses.

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