Monday, March 28, 2016

Poetry: Menagerie of Wonder

Menagerie of Wonder

I don’t care enough, to care how it looks
To gather the jigsaw, and read all your books
You’re a great mystery, with flashes of light
A jackrabbit journey, with no end in sight.

So, I pack a book bag, with no literature in it
Just flashlights, and moonbeams, and emotive trinkets.

My fingers cannot find, the right words
To spell out how I feel, and dispel the urge
To rip open your mind and run around inside
To breathe in your vapors, your joy, and your strife.

A forest of reasoning
Of darkness,
Of truth.

Waits inside
the vast country,
And the borders of you.

Your pulse and your blood,
Keeps driving me under.

To your blanket of truth

And your Menagerie of Wonder.

-Lisa M. Bello

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