Thursday, September 1, 2016

September Sucks --- Bring on October.

In the ongoing dark comedy which is my life, there has been another dramatic happening.

This morning, I went to roll my driver's side window down and it completely shattered into a million pieces. The glass went everywhere, including inside the back of my pants. I cut my hand trying to remove glass as to not impale myself with the giant pieces of safety glass that "safely" stuck together.

Since this was a window that was recently serviced, there was probably some error done in servicing it. Mistakes happen and I did not get angry, but I must admit the “pop” I heard when the glass began to shatter scared the shit out of me. I brought the car to be repaired and it should be done tomorrow.

I did have a lot to do today to prepare for my great new job which included going to said new job to tidy things up, but fate told me that was not to be so. I must stay home.

I can’t help thinking that this was for some sort of reason. But, what that reason was I have not clue # 1.

I received a loaner car. I do not want to drive that loaner car very far or at all for fear my bad luck might spread onto it too. After that ordeal, I kind of don't want to go anywhere in a car for a day or so.

Besides, I really like my own car, it suits me.

Ugh. I hate September.

Bring on Halloween. It's less scary.

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